Donatella Raggio is a Neapolitan Designer formed by Vincenzo Attolini’s “school”, a well-known Neapolitan entrepreneur and stylist, heir of a long full Neapolitan sartorial tradition that, 15 years ago, founds the brand Stile Latino, today widespread globally and positioned in the luxury level of the best department stores in the world. “Donatella Raggio made by Stile latino” is her first collection. Donatella herself has a “sartorial” family background: she is the daughter of a well-known Neapolitan tailor in vogue between the ’70s and the’ 90s, she grows among the fabrics, the scissors, the models of her father’s tailoring, breathing creativity since an early age.

A never forgotten “Love”: in fact, after graduating in Politics and gaining experience as a journalist (writing, her other great passion), she enrolls in a Fashion Design course that allows her to put her aesthetic vision on paper. Vincenzo Attolini has always fancied a woman linecompletely independent from the man one, developing himself the first collections intended to satisfy the needs of a female clientele with a formal taste and always showing them as a continuity of the main line. Those initial stylistic digressions of a creative mind become a totally new project headed by Donatella Raggio, the one who had been Vincenzo Attolini’s closest collaborator in the men’s style office for 5 years. From here the passage is short. Vincenzo Attolini totally entrusts the new project to his collaborator: “Donatella Raggio” made by Stile Latino.

The result is a collection completely different from the previous ones, destined to a woman who aspires to elegance without renouncing to the modernity of lines and fabrics. A woman with a sophisticated allure but yet casual in the expression of her style, who lives her time and enjoys it because she is free to express her femininity in a harmonious way.An exclusive, sophisticated, refined collection starting from the choice of raw materials up to manufacturing. A woman line completely independent from the man one, with a detached production unit and an independent style office. The qualitative guarantee is given by the fact that it is produced and distributed by Stile Latino, today one of the most prestigious brands in the men’s fashion scene. The selection of raw materials made by Donatella herself and her “tiny female team” (as she likes to emphasize) is in compliance with very high quality standards.