Vincenzo Attolini has always promoted the value of beauty and contributes with Stile Latino to preserve the prestige of made in Italy and Neapolitan tailoring in the world.
With the Spring Summer 22 collection, Stile Latino offers moments of happiness and well- being: the materials are pure, with a renewed attention to the environment and the lines are extremely modern and comfortable.

For Spring Summer 22 collection, Vincenzo Attolini wanted to focus on those “new materials” such as Tencel, viscous, eco-leather and urea for buttons, capable of satisfy the constant need for portability but, in respect of nature and our ecosystem. About the Style he focused heavily on a package of very light and completely deconstructed jackets: comfort is guaranteed, good taste too.

About the colors, there is an explosion of life: sky blue, bright green, navy blue, white, browns, brick orange, all surprisingly combinable with each other. To complete and enrich a collection whose value is now internationally recognized, Vincenzo Attolini has been investing his creativity and knowledge in knitwear for some years now.

The knitwear collection stands out for its in-depth research of raw materials and always updated wearability. Blends with linen and hemp enriched with cashmere, linen and cotton softened by silk are just some of the combinations in the collection.

The search for cutting-edge processing techniques: the use of a 2/120000 yarn worked in tubular form keeps the visual effect subtle but gives the right weight to wear. Plain, striped and patterns in every fineness from the very thin 18 to the more tricot effect 3. The fits always refer to a highly tailored product, whose measurements adapt perfectly to the jackets in the collection.