Over the years Vincenzo Attolini has aimed at creating a total look. This is the case of the Spring Summer 19, a rich and variegated collection. A rich collection including pieces varying from formal elegance to the finest streetwear fashion and acoloured beachwear line. Roots are always the same: the “ Napoletanità” is visible in the sartorial construction, which is well-finished in every single detail. Vincenzo Attolini is a perfectionist and does not leave anything to chance. The scarves feature exclusive designs; they are a must have for a man who loves luxury. The colourrange is wide, going from green, ochre to old brown and natural. And then the blue, Vincenzo’s favorite color: blue Naples, blue sky and teal. The range of fabrics goes from the crude linen to the more sophisticated 160’s. The innovation of the last two seasons is the knitwear collection that can be defined as being in its own right. Stile Latino luxury is never ostentatious, but rather sophisticated, pure. A piece that lasts in the wardrobe for a long time, acquiring more and more valueyear after year.