The world is frightened: it needs beauty.

In the post–COVID era, an era of uncertainty and disorientation but also of geographical limitations, we have gone looking for beauty on the streets of our very own city: the inability to travel gave us the opportunity to stop and look at what exists all around us, to look at our land through the eyes of an intrepid tourist.

We discovered (although we already knew) how much splendour exists in having a coffee at Gambrinus, the city’s historic café founded in 1860 and where Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Jean Paul Sartre, Totò, Eduardo De Filippo loved to spend their time. We know how much joy there is in walking through Galleria Umberto, an architectural masterpiece that was built in 1880 as a recovery structure after a terrible wave of deadly cholera. We know how much excitement the view of Vesuvius can arouse, and how much wonder can be evoked whilst strolling along the kilometre-long jetty in Bagnoli. We know how much excitement one call feel whilst climbing the thirteen ramps of Sant’Antonio in Posillipo, a place for lovers and powerful scenery.

A charming and fascinating man has undertaken this adventure with us: he wore an elegant pinstripe suit made from English flannel to taste the famous Neapolitan coffee at Gambrinus, a maxi woollen coat with maxi check to walk through the nave of the beautiful Church of San Francesco di Paolo, a warm and coloured cashmere jersey to admire Vesuvius from the highest point of the city, and a soft cashmere jacket in warm tones to walk along the ramps of Sant Antonio.

“Come with me” this man seems to tell us: I will accompany you on a wonderful journey in which cashmere metamorphoses into various jerseys, of which the colours are never taken for granted, and the modelling is perfectly suited to the needs of your body.

From the maxi checks, Glen plaid, pinstripes, to the jackets with wide lapels, the double-breasted jackets that are reinvented and refined every time, the soft jackets to wear like a shirt, the patterns that are never dull, and the coats that seem to embrace their wearer.

There is the jacket that has reinvented itself in the hooded version or the light shirt-like one from which the yoke is borrowed, there is the jacket that chooses the perfect compromise between innovation and tradition, meaning it is light but with an undeniable structure.

For the fashionistas there is a model of a dressing gown coat, inspired by the request of the Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Dwatts, for the more classical tastes there is a reinterpretation of the English coat albeit with very particular details on the pockets.

Latino style continues on its path of research and evolution whilst wishing all of us and all of you the tenacity and ability to weather this storm.