Try to imagine a busy day: a business meeting, a business lunch,a gym evening and a gala night. You open your wardrobe and you have to make a choice. You choose Stile Latino. Why this introduction? Because the collection made by Vincenzo Attolini grows year by year. The quality remains the same: best fabrics selected by Italian and British factories, Neapolitan manufacture: every piece made in the factory close to Naples has high quality standards and everything happens under the supervision of Vincenzo Attolini. It has already been a while since the collection embraced new elements: a total look aiming at the modern man and satisfying every need. The Stile Latino Fall/Winter 18-19 is a wide collection: in addition to the iconic jacket that evolves year by year, there are the suits. Formal suits, free time suits, gala suits. And then the coat. The fit gets wider, the coat becomes a symbolic and sophisticated accessory. It completes the look giving it preciousness. Finally, the knitwear collection. Vincenzo Attolini has engaged a technical team in order to realize an elegant and exclusive knitwear collection. There is a lot of study and research behind the Stile Latino knitwear collection: Italian yarn, the finest fabric composition, exclusive designs. There is a wide range of models as well: from the cashmere jacket to the Dolcevita cashmere round neck knit with the lyrics of the 70’s rock music (music is another deep passion of Vincenzo Attolini). A song: This is the Stile Latino Fall/Winter 18-19 collection. Vincenzo Attolini chooses the notes, writes the lyrics and composes the music. What comes out of it is a melody. A melody you always want to sing and that will get stuck in your head for a long long time.