Our History

Stile Latino is none other than the latest creation of Vincenzo Attolini, a well-known name in the international fashion world, for having founded in 1987, together with his father, the first Sartoria Attolini which has now become Cesare Attolini.
But his adventure in the world of Neapolitan tailoring began even earlier, when, very young, he began to attend the tailor’s shop of his grandfather, the famous Vincenzo Attolini, universally known as the founder of the Neapolitan tailoring in the world, where he acquired direct experience in the field, beginning to handle the tools of the trade and learning the first rudiments of modeling.
In this way he was able to engage in his first project, that family business which he managed for about 20 years, laying the foundations and paving the way for the international success of the brand.
In 2005 he came up with the idea of a men’s line with a totally different concept: modern aesthetics and innovative modeling are the basis for the development of a collection that meets the renewed needs of the contemporary man.

A man who is tired of feeling constrained in clothes that are too strict and who wants to feel as sexy as a woman: a man who needs to wear the same suit to a business meeting in the morning and to an event in the evening.
Stile Latino’s first suit was made in 2005.
Since then the creativity and expertise of the tailors has meant that not only have trousers, jackets, and coats been produced in our site in Casalnuovo, but also a ‘modus vivendi’ that has shaped how we do what we do. On a daily basis the team meticulously studies new proportions, models, materials, and tailoring solutions.
Today, Stile Latino employs sixty tailors, all of whom were taught by Vincenzo Attolini himself.
The fruits of their labour are precious; only thirty-five suits are made per day, this allows Vincenzo Attolini to personally check each item, so that no shoulder, sleeve, collar, buttonhole, stitch or half stitch is anything less than perfect. 
Everything happens under his watchful supervision.
Details make the difference and he knows that.

Exclusive models, from which the suits are formed, are guarded in Vincenzo Attolini’s studio. Access to the sartorial blueprints is limited to a trusted few. The elaboration of the designs is done solely by hand; every cut and every thread. 
Just as the designs are out of sight to many, so too is the creator of Stile Latino himself. Despite his joyful and intellectual character, Vincenzo Attolini is not one to be lauded for his work and this is reflected in the subtly of the garments’ details. 
Just as Vincenzo Attolini Senior omitted labels from his suits, so too does Vincenzo Junior; allowing the pieces to represent themselves whilst being recognisable to the trained eye. 
His joy comes not from the media, labels or celebrity, but rather from seeing his suits worn and enjoyed. It is the fine products, whose conception he has personally overseen, that gratifies him.
More than fame, more than magazine covers, more than anything.
Now Vincenzo is accompanied on his adventure by his two young sons, Cesare Mattia and Emiliano, who are demonstrating excellent entrepreneurial and creative skills.
Like father, like son.

Our Philosophy

Know-how in the selection of materials, refined workmanship and constant research into new tailoring solutions design the style for the contemporary businessman who lives in these ever faster and hectic times.
A suit as a second skin.
A suit as a pleasure.
A suit as a lifestyle.
In other words, Stile Latino.
“Less is more” almost wanting to confirm what is by now one of the fundamental rules of elegance. Details are contemporary. Away with the shoulder pads, gross canvases: enter textiles with special finishes, conceived in order to make a soft, light, flexible and elegant but comfortable product.
Special attention has been paid in designing a “travel Jacket” which, through a special procedure in its workmanship, provides not only unrivalled comfort and fit, even during travel, but also a more carefree approach during luggage packing.
Stile Latino dresses today’s man abandoning the idea of rigorous, formal elegance in exchange for a more laid back taste and refinement. An elegance which avoids parade and conceals intellectual effort.
Is this not the aim? Art which hides art, as the 18th century English poet Alexander Pope used to say: “ True Ease comes from Art, not Chance. As those move easiest who have learn’d to dance.”
It’s a revolution.
Before then no one had dared so much.