WE ARE THE ONES is a photographic project born from the desire to let know what, but above of all WHO, is behind a finished garment.
There are people, knowledge, skills, faces, hands, smiles, eyes.
In an era where everything is virtual, we want to show you our reality, a beautiful Neapolitan, Italian reality.
We are the ones who you don’t know, the ones who work with passion and creativity so that you can have the best garment possible, in the best condition possible.
We are tailors, seamstresses, employees, creative, commercial, accountants: we are Stile Latino.
We work together to study and fulfil the collections that you will wear, and when we see your picture with our garments, we are happy.
There is a thread between us, but it is invisible.
It is a thread of love and dedication that connects Naples with the rest of the world.
We are the Neapolitan excellence that you make known across the globe and we can only be grateful for this.
Our promise is to always do better, your promise is to carry on loving what we produce.
Thanks to all of you from all of us.