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About us

In 2005 Vincenzo Attolini , by piecing together three generations of experience and many years of work and study, created a new line called "Stile Latino".

Woman collection

Donatella Raggio, the new women brand of Stile Latino, comes from the will of Vincenzo Attolini, who has always fantasized about a female project.

The hand of our tailors, The most precious value of our work. #stilelatino #neapolitantailoring…

Don’t be afraid to dare: follow the colour trends of this Spring/Summer.

Perfection is not an optional when it comes to tailoring.

You can be either the spectator or the protagonist of your own life. You choose.

The @floridageorgialine wear @stile_latino suits at the #grammyawards @recordingacademy. Special thanks @kristaroser and @3publicrelations

Vincenzo Attolini in his world.


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